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What People are Saying (Provide your own feedback below!)

M.L. (Crete, Greece) "I read your book and I want to tell you I enjoyed every page!!"

B.J. (Texas) "I loved it!!!"

J.P. (Texas) "beautiful and so professionally done"

J.K. (Illinois) "cannot put it down"

M.D. (Texas) "Fascinating... quite a writer!  Enjoying it very much."

C.D. (Texas) "It's a suspenseful novel.  I can't believe this is a true story.  I read this faster than any other book.  I was completely fascinated by the stories."

A.D. (Texas) "many events that make for a good novel"

M.K. (Florida) "I just finished it yesterday.  It was awesome!!"

K.M. (Texas) "I especially loved the end and knowing that this story is based on memories of a family made it a book I could hardly put down."

C.P. (Texas) "gave a very real sense of what it was like for a Greek family to survive the many difficulties of life both during and after WWII... an inspiring book"


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